The Meridian hike grading system takes into account three criteria: length, gradient (steepness) and effort (fitness). Each hike is given a three-part grade, such as 2Bc, so you can easily work out if a particular hike would be suitable for you.

Length: (per day)
1 – short – up to 6 km
2 – short to medium – 6 to 10 km
3 – medium – 10 to 14 km
4 – long – 14 to 18 km
5 – very long – over 18 km

A – flat or undulating – Beach Walk, Contour Path, Pipe Track
B – medium – more uphill like Lion’s Head, Silvermine Circuit
C – steep – Skeleton Gorge, Platteklip Gorge, Constantia Corner, Kasteelspoort
D – steep with B-grade scrambling* – Devil’s Peak via Knife Edge, India Venster, Woody Buttress
E – steep with C-grade scrambling* – Kloof Corner Ridge, Ledges

Effort (fitness required):
a – easy
b – moderately easy
c – moderately fit
d – fit
e – very fit

*Notes on Scrambling
Scrambling involves moving over rock, using available hand & foot holds. Note that ropes will not be used and that you join us at your own risk.

B-grade: moderately-challenging & exposed
C-grade: more challenging & exposed