Meridian Hiking Club | Reciprocity

Meridian Hiking Club was approached in 2018 by the Johannesburg Hiking club to set up a reciprocity arrangement between our clubs.  This is a first for Meridian and the JHC, and we trust our members will enjoy the opportunity this presents.

The idea is to allow members of the Meridian Hiking Club to experience the same hospitality and camaraderie while travelling away from home, to which we’ve grown accustomed to at our club, with the JHC.

Members will not be required to pay guest/visitor fees (on presentation of a Meridian or JHC valid membership card), only such fees that normally apply for e.g. gate or park entries, accommodation, parking, food and beverages, etc.


The Johannesburg hiking Club was established in 1931. The Club caters for people from all walks of life who have a love of the outdoors. It affords members opportunities to enjoy the fun and adventure of hiking trails; to discover and explore new places; to protect and advance the importance of wilderness and conservation areas; and to experience the resulting camaraderie that occurs though hiking with fellow members. The Club offers Wednesday hikes, Sunday hikes, adventure and leisure hikes, base camp weekends, slide shows, club evenings and social events.

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