The following checklist is a set of items that hike leaders should mention on hike day, before setting out on a hike. The items listed here are just a set of guidelines. Obviously, what you – as hike leader – say to your group depends on the nature of the hike.

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The Hike

  1. Welcome to [name of hike]
  2. Description of ascent/descent routes
  3. Challenges of the hike (i.e. scrambling, steep, exposure, length, heat etc.)
  4. Duration of the hike (estimated end time)
  5. There will be regular stops to allow slower hikers to catch up, and regular breaks for water/refreshments etc. (describe)


  1. Has everyone signed the indemnity form?
  2. We need your phone number as well as a number to call in case of an emergency (ICE)
  3. Please keep behind the hike leader at all times
  4. Please keep together. We hike at the pace of the slowest
  5. If you feel early on that you won’t be able to make it, tell the hiker closest to you or call the hike leader
  6. If you need to pull out for any reason, don’t just disappear. Discuss it first with the hike leader
  7. Mention where the hike form is. It contains individual and emergency phone numbers
  8. Appoint/name the back marker (sweeper), if any


  1. Introductions
  2. After-hike activities (if any)

The hike leader should also check that hikers are appropriately equipped for the hike:

  • Appropriate hiking shoes/boots
  • Appropriate clothing (hat, jacket, jumper, waterproofs etc.)
  • Water
  • Food
  • Sun protection