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Meridian Hiking Club

Meridian Hiking Club was established in 1989 by a group of friends wanting to hike regularly in safety. Since then the Club has grown to a membership of over 300 people, ranging in age from eighteen to eighty. Meridian offers a range of day hikes, weekends away, weekend trails, longer trails and conservation activities. It also organises regular social events such as supper clubs, pub evenings, talks and educational events. If you are not yet a member, join Cape Town’s friendly hiking club, which is famous for its fun events and relaxed attitude!

You can also find Meridian hikes on MeetUp, which is a global site for organising online and in-person events. You can see our events advertised on this link here:


Our hiking and event calendar is always up-to-date. Plan your hikes, weekends away and social events by looking ahead, or look back in time for past events. View Calendar

To book on Meridian MeetUp hikes, you can use the link above.

Join Meridian

Join Meridian now and become a member of Cape Town’s most active hiking club. Click on the link below and then fill in the membership form. Join now…

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